Variant Sony Xperia Z5 Color Pink Coming In January 2016

Variant Sony Xperia Z5 Color Pink Coming In January 2016 – Products flagship smartphone from Sony as well as for a series Xperia Z certainly highly sought after for the top class among smartphone users. Given the smartphone Sony Xperia Z5 series was series upscale issued by Sony, and pulled again series Z is a series of smartphones designed waterproof, recorded from the Xperia Z to Xperia Z5 is a smartphone Sony Xperia Z series is all carry waterproof feature or can we call waterproof.

Well this time we will discuss one of the Z series, which is the latest smartphone from Sony, the Sony Xperia Z5. You should know that not long ago, precisely on last November Sony successfully introduced and has been marketing this phone to Indonesia. Not hearted, smartphone manufacturers are already well known for many years to market its products to Indonesia Xperia Z5 is in 3 different variants of the Xperia Z5, Sony Xperia Z5 Premium and Sony Xperia Z5 Compact. The trio does have differences in terms of specifications, you can find out relief between these three in the previous article.

Sony Xperia Z5

Sony Xperia Z5

This time I am not going to discuss about the specifications of this phone, but will discuss the rumor that Sony Xperia Z5 will release pink color variant in January 2016.

Sony reportedly has plans to add another color variant of this new waterproof mobile phone, this rumor developed in Taiwan there. This is because the company is indeed planning to first release a variant of Xperia Z5 pink in Taiwan, rumored to be released in January either in the middle or even at the end of January.

Although this news has not been confirmed officially by Sony, but for those of you who are in Taiwan and want to buy a Pink color variant is said to be exclusively provided by Chunghwa Telecom. As for areas outside Taiwan is not yet known whether the pink Xperia Z5 option is only available in Taiwan alone or did will be available in several other areas as well.

You can notice from the pictures Sony Xperia Z5 pink presented above, very feminine is not it? very suitable course for you the women who indeed want to look feminine, but still elegant. Although the image is not actually an official of the Sony, and until now there has been no official word from Sony about this.

If it really is the latest variant of Xperia Z5 pink color will be released in January 2016, meant to be together with his shopping season in the new year in China and soon will be Valentine’s Day, which means if you buy a pink color is very well suited for gift someone special on Valentine day later.

And also if it launches pink color variant of the world’s first mobile phone with a 4K screen is certainly true in the month of January, that means it will be the same as that made by Sony at the time of the release of the latest color variant of the Sony Xperia Z3 purple in January 2015. We wait if this news is true, or just a mere rumor.