Whatsapp Video Call Reportedly Will be tested First Time For iOS

Whatsapp Video Call Reportedly Will be tested First Time For iOS – who prefer to instant messaging as compared to sms may understand very well with this application, so the application that I mentioned is Whatsapp. Instant messaging applications is already well-known in recent years although there has been a lot of competitors that offer excellent features which certainly does not exist in Whatsapp or what we call WA, but this application is until now masik exist and are still used most people who use smartphones ,

Whatsapp offers instant messaging very simple but quite interesting when used. But even so, the application WA or Whatsapp is still lacking to bring cutting-edge features, in contrast to competitors like Line, which now has become the toughest rival WA, where the features offered by Line also diverse, one of the features that exist on Line Whatsapp but nothing on the video call feature.

Whatsapp Video Call

Whatsapp Video Call

The need for the facility or video call feature today is very hunted by users of smartphones, especially to contact people who are distant and rarely face to face, smartphone users overcome these solutions with a video call. Well this time there is information stating that Whatsapp video call feature will be launched in the latest update which will come in the near future.

A few days ago, a picture that is suspected as belonging WhatsApp video call feature has been circulating in some media. This of course makes public confusion, whether the video call feature that is drawn Whatsapp is whether true, or just a picture edits only. But the news about the video call picture in WA is indeed true, as reported by IB Times.

In the screenshot circulating, you can see how the workings of the Video Call feature belongs WhatsApp does not seem much different than some of the other applications that deliver similar services, like video call on Line. Although no official statement, WhatsApp Video Call rumored to be visited smartphone users iOS platform first. It is also known from these screenshots that the examiners using the iPhone handset. We can know the status of the existing bar on the screenshot, it is typical of the iPhone status bar.

In contrast to the previous features, WhatsApp Call were present in March, the first time used for the Android handset users. After that, the voice-call features such as scrolling is present in several other platforms, ranging from iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

Regarding WhatsApp Video Call features, the WhatsApp seems to be still doing some repairs in order to later be presented to the users across platforms. Currently, WhatsApp also reportedly preparing other features such as tabs individual chat conversations that transition becomes faster.