WOW, Mediatek will soon Helio X30 Chipset Create Deca Core?

WOW, Mediatek will soon Helio X30 Chipset Create Deca Core? – Not only from the manufacturers of smartphones that had until now always do the tough competition with its latest smartphones, smartphone, but the competition also occurs between vendor chipset found on smartphones. As we need to know, that behind the success story of the smartphone manufacturers must not be separated from the important role chipset, which is the brain of a smartphone device. Earlier, in a few days ago, AnTuTu chipset released a list of 10 best and fastest way to today, where 5 out of 10 on the list is a Qualcomm chipset, the Snapdragon. There is also from Samsung with its Exynos chipset, Apple with Apple A9 are currently used line of iPhone 6s, and do not miss from Huawei with Kirin chipset 950. However, we do not see the Mediatek chipset in the list of the best chipset in 2016 released the AnTuTu, indeed, because it pertained Mediatek chipset vendors who were yesterday.

WOW, Mediatek will soon Helio X30 Chipset Create Deca Core
Talking about Mediatek, there is the latest news as reported by GSM Arena, where it is rumored that carries the name of the manufacturer Mediatek chipset is currently designing a latest smartphone brain, which is predicted will have more capabilities than its predecessor. Despite losing time ago Mediatek AnTuTu score with Qualcomm, by comparison scores acquisition, MediaTek with Deca-core processor in it is only able to produce 85k in AnTuTu, while Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 through his successful attainment above the 133K. But this does not necessarily make Mediatek surrender in creating a new chipset with powerful technology.

And reportedly on the next generation of Helio X20 his soon to be created, will be given a name tag as Deca Helio X30 Core. The news is getting stronger thanks to a statement from COO Mediatek named Zhu Zhangzu, which states that

“Recent said that the Helio X30 chip is going to be a power house roomates can take on premium chipmakers like Qualcomm and Samsung”.

Estimates latest Mediatek chipset architecture design is probably as follows, 2 x 1GHz Cortex A53 + 2 x 1.5GHz Cortex A53 + 2 x 2GHz Cortex A72 and 4 x 2.5GHz Cortex A72 cores. Where the design of the processor will be built on a 16 nm process the latest, which will certainly give a charming performance and also be able to compete with the top like Snapdragon chipset, Exynos, and Apple.

It is not yet clear when Helio X30 chipset Deca Core will be produced, but hope appears to have in order to complete the vendor Mediatek chipsets homemade along with the graphics processor that is no less powerful and interesting than what was ever made.