Xiaomi amazfit smartwatch review

Xiaomi amazfit smartwatch – One of the reasons why the product of Xiaomi very successful and sold well in the market is, the price of the products offered Xiaomi quite affordable, very competitive, compared to some other vendor. More recently, Huami Xiaomi has launched its latest wearable in China, with Amazfit called.

Model introduced by Xiaomi Huami this sounds very familiar. The problem, in 2015 ago, the company also has launched a tool that is called by the name Amazfit. However, the device was experiencing a mismatch in use, only for the tracker only. We do not know if the first, is also at the same Amazfit smartwatch.

Xiaomi amazfit smartwatch
As quoted from page Ubergizmo, Wednesday (31/08/2016), Amazfit is equipped with a screen of 1.34 inch, it has IP67 certificate. Processor with 1.2 GHz and 512 MB of RAM, 4 GB internal storage space and battery of 200 mAh.

To a problem on its own operating system, the device will run on Mi Fit, so, this smartwatch will not run on the Android operating system. Prices were revealed, if smartwatch will be priced at $120.