Xiaomi Drone Ready to Release End of Month, Reportedly Valued Rp. 1 Million!

Xiaomi Drone Ready to Release End of Month, Reportedly Valued Rp. 1 Million! – Not Xiaomi name if it does not create a recent innovation, lately Xiaomi is always present the latest innovations in technology. From the start Smart TV, Bicycle smart, smart Rice Cooker can distinguish different types of rice, until the Notebook has also been produced by this manufacturer. And the latter of which are talking about is the Xiaomi innovations that have successfully created and officially released the Xiaomi Max, the first phablet comes with a screen measuring 6.4 inches and specifications skyline.

Apparently carried out by Xiaomi breakthrough in technology is still not enough, recently reported that domestic manufacturers from the bamboo curtain will release Drone. This news is not unfamiliar ears of the Mi Fans in the world, because in the previous few weeks had ever reported these problems. Previously we’ve heard about Xiaomi will also participate in the drone market. Most likely, drones made by Xiaomi is going to be called Mi Drone. Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun as was revealed that the drone is to be introduced in the month of May.

Xiaomi Drone

Drone launch plan Xiaomi is already not a secret anymore, and it appears it will soon be realized, although admittedly not many details were revealed today. Although later the name of this drone will be given frills ‘Xiaomi’, but the news circulated saying that Xiaomi does not produce its own drones hers. It said if this project is the collaboration with other OEM Xiaomi. Xiaomi is only responsible for the marketing and sales only.

Another interesting thing that existed at Xiaomi Drone is later expected to use four-axis design and equipped camera mounted. Its quite interesting of these drones compared with drones mostly users will be able to control the drones use a smart bracelet on the wrist, or may be controlled by smartband Mi Band 2.

Xiaomi Drone

Another thing that should be observed and certainly will be a lot to ask people about Mi Drone of course is the price. We know that the famous Xiaomi provide affordable prices, as well as the price of Xiaomi Drone this time. Price Mi Drone is claimed will be sold at a range of $ 100 or about USD 1.3 million. Though these drones will also be equipped with a built-in camera. Unfortunately, until now Lei Jun’s did not reveal more detailed information about Mi drones are believed to be release at the end of May 2016.