Xiaomi Mi 5 Be Present With 4 Different Color Options

Xiaomi Mi 5 Be Present With 4 Different Color Options – Multiple ago latest smartphone from the Xiaomi Mi 5 rumored to be carrying the physical home button located on the bottom of the screen. The rumor is true because it is true that the next generation of mobile phones Xiaomi Mi 4 is indeed going to use the physical buttons are pinned at the bottom of the screen. It’s all as reported by phonearena, which gives an overview of design Xiaomi Mi-5 with a physical home button. Information brought this time is not just about the design of the physical buttons, but now there is new information that says that the design Xiaomi Mi 5 will come with a choice of 4 different colors that you can choose at will.

Yes it is true, on a page on the website phonearena, mention that phones made by most of Xiaomi planned to be released in 2016 will be available in 4 colors, namely white, Pink, Black and Gold. It seems interesting color given, let alone have the color pink, was recorded for the first time issued Xiaomi smartphone with pink this time.

Xiaomi Mi 5

Xiaomi Mi 5

It is not denied that the color of a smartphone is the main attraction for the users. Not only about the performance on which the person chooses a smartphone, the color factor is also very important. The average Smartphone users today already not too forward of performance and price, especially for the upper class that does not compromise performance and price of the phone whether it is cheap or expensive but more forward about the display of the mobile phone. Now with the fact that thus, not surprising that Xiaomi smartphone later this time will be in demand in the market thanks to 4 colors that are elegant impression to the size of the middle and upper class smartphone or midle end.

And this time as I get from the source listed, there are 4 different pictures that show the color of Mi 5 this. The first is black, like the one in the image below. Indeed seem smartphone Mi 5 looks cool with black color, but not lost the impression of luxury thanks to a simple design and thanks to its body is made of metal material. Black color option is suitable for you for you men who want to look glamorous.

Furthermore, there Xiaomi Mi 5 pink, these colors that seem very different to class phones from Xiaomi. Indeed, the color pink is impressed latest color given to Xiaomi phone product. But this choice Pink color seems to be very suitable for you who want to look feminine, especially for women.

Then the third option is a gold color, this color which seems to be much sought after by hunters Xiaomi Mi 5 later. It looks like the color of gold is very liked by the users of smartphones, because it is gold or gold color looks more show luxurious feel, and the possibility of price for Mi 5 gold color will be a little more expensive third other color options.

For color choices Mi 5 last the white color, it’s also one of the elegant and muted colors that can be your choice at the time of going to buy the latest mobile phone this Xiaomi.

Speaking about the design Xiaomi Mi 5, said that he would carry the body thinner and lighter, different from Flagship Smartphone Xiaomi which has been previously released as Xiaomi Mi-4 and Xiaomi Mi Note Pro. For the material of his body is stated to be put on metal, but until now there has been no information on whether this phone will use a glass material as well or not.

As for the information on the price Xiaomi Mi 5, apparently was still confusing, because HP is not launched. But according to predictions, Xiaomi Mi 5 release date will occur at the beginning of 2016, whether it was in January or February we wait and see. But the price reportedly Mi 5 will be priced at a reasonably low cost of USD $ 309 approximately 4 million less. And also reportedly Mi 5 will be available for two versions Plus the Xiaomi Mi 5 Plus will membawai screen specification 5.5 Inches or 5.7 Inches resolution Quad HD, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, 4 GB RAM, 32 GB internal storage, a microSD slot, a rear camera 16 MP , 8 MP front camera and there are features fingerprint sensor. Price Xiaomi Mi 5 Plus reportedly will reach USD $ 387.

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