Xiaomi Mi 5S and Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Coming With Edge Screen?

Xiaomi Mi 5S and Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Coming With Edge Screen? – Xiaomi is being intensively issued its latest smartphone, recorded in 2016 this brand Chinese origin have been issued a new smartphone a few times, not least the flagship mainstay of those who claimed to have a performance equivalent to the Galaxy S7, who else if not Xiaomi Mi 5. Mi 5 is quite record of success as a smartphone with high levels of performance, but the price is cheap.

It seems that the innovation does not stop there, after Xiaomi Mi 5 is referred to as the first of Xiaomi smartphone that uses a physical home button. Rumors that Xiaomi will introduce their latest mobile phones that will bring the screen edge or curved sides. Unmitigated, reportedly Xiaomi smartphone with a curved screen that will soon be released this amounted to two, with different series. They are Xiaomi Mi 5S and Xiaomi Mi Note 2.

According to information reported from the page gizmochina, states that currently are under construction Xiaomi second screen phone with the Edge. The next generation of Xiaomi’s Mi 5 will have a slightly different screen sizes. Reportedly Mi 5S will also have a 3D Touch features, ultrasonic fingerprint sensor and a dual-lens camera.

Xiaomi Mi 5S and Xiaomi Mi Note 2

Furthermore, for information on the specifications Xiaomi Mi5s itself is unlikely to change. What distinguishes only the latest features already mentioned above.

The plan, Xiaomi Mi 5S will be released next August. Just before Apple officially released the iPhone 7, which will be Apple’s flagship smartphone this year.

Then for Xiaomi Mi Note 2 phablet reportedly featured on this Chinese company will present you with some interesting specifications. Among them are in the chipset sector will be equipped with Snapdragon 820 SoC, while for the screen itself will be using a screen measuring 5.7 inches with a resolution of Full HD 1080p and the material body made of ceramic. Let’s wait for further news from Xiaomi MI 5S and Xiaomi MI Note 2.