Xiaomi Mi Bunny Smart Watch

Not Just Sophisticated, Smart Watch Xiaomi Mi Bunny also performed with the design of fashionable and cute that Mi Bunny wonder called Jam Smart Kids – Children Present, this is a smartwatch latest Xiaomi, with a choice of two color variants interesting is pink and bright blue, Mi Bunny supported with Wifi and Bluetooth are equipped with GPS tracking technology / GLONASS. And when children experience the threat, users can simply press the power button located on the side of the watch.

The button will then send a notification to a smartphone parents that a child is in a dangerous condition. The notification will contain the GPS location of children and their smartwatch audio recordings. Innovation committed Xiaomi could be a solution to protect the safety of the baby. Moreover, smart watches are designed specifically with the liquid silicon material that is smooth and can prevent allergies, as well as feels comfortable and soft wrist. In addition, the features offered are also very complete, such as remote monitoring, Life Waterproff, Regular Alarm Clock, Call Back, Voice Broadcast Calls and Watches Find feature.

In addition, the smartwatch will also report to the parent if the child pornographic images on smarphonenya open. The smartwatch can last for six days with standard usage and after it the user can recharge back on polymer battery which has the capacity of 300 mAh. If you are interested to present it to the child – your child, please check in advance Prices and full specifications of this product.

Xiaomi Mi Bunny

When the button is pressed, it will send a warning to parents. Mi Bunny will receive notifications from the last position of the child and audio recordings a few seconds. In addition there are also features of Security Zone. This feature would alert the parents if the child goes outside the specified range, the fliers apparently Smartwatch Mi Bunny is equipped with safety features, including the ability to make and receive calls to placakan.dan able to record the movement of children every day with data storage for three months ,

Really – really smart sophisticated clock, if you are interested to try it out?

Xiaomi Mi Bunny

To maintain the security of the child, Mi Bunny also has an SOS button to send notifications to parents when things happen that are not desirable. Not to forget, supporting features such as monitoring the quality of sleep until certification has also waterproof. other than that Xiaomi Mi Bunny has a SIM card slot and supports voice call functions. The child can put a call through to six the number of family members anytime, anywhere for free. To track the position of the child, Mi Bunny equipped with a GPS chip and WiFi Glonass system.

All smartphones that are compatible with Xiaomi Mi Kids Bunny Smartwatch will connect to the Bluetooth v4.0. In addition, there is also Wi-Fi, G-Sensor, and supports sim card.