Xperia Z5 Series, Plus Z3 and Z4 Tablet Get Android 6.0 Update Marshmallow (32.1.A.1.163)

Xperia Z5 Series, Plus Z3 and Z4 Tablet Get Android 6.0 Update Marshmallow (32.1.A.1.163) – Good news for users of Sony smartphone, especially for the series Xperia X5, Z3 Plus Xperia and Xperia Z4 Tablet. This time the good news about the latest firmware update, which updates Android Marshmallow. After a delay, finally today Sony officially gave an update to the three series.

Earlier, last week Sony has also launched an update to the Xperia Z5 Marshmallow DoCoMo of Japan, but to this day has begun to update the global version.

For the latest firmware has been launched by Sony’s Xperia Z5 series is version 32.1.A.1.163. Carrying all Xperia Z5 series included in the list that received the update today, including the Xperia Z5, Z5 Xperia Premium, and the latter is the Xperia Z5 Compact.

But at this time was Sony’s update did not bring STAMINA mode feature that is predicted will give the battery life is longer, but even so it looks like the update that will come may be none of these features. The new feature in the Android 6.0 update is the availability of Sony Marshmallow swap internal to external memory. That means you can move the application data, and other data to your microSD memory easily. It seems that Sony has answered complaints from many consumers who complained of internal memory which is not too enough to hold a lot of data.

Update Android 6.0 MarshmallowBesides Sony Xperia Z5 series, today officially receive Android 6.0 update Marshmallow is a series Xperia Z3 + Z4 and Xperia Tablet. Both are also equally receive firmware version 32.1.A.1.163, in which also carries a feature to swap the internal memory microSD.

However, please note that the update for the Xperia Z3 + series is currently only single SIM variant of the Xperia Z3 A Plus, but possibly as soon as possible for the Xperia Z3 Dual SIM Plus will also soon get this update.

There was not much change in the Marshmallow Android update for Sony Xperia smartphones, to the user interface is also likely to remain standard, nothing has changed. It’s just a prominent feature in the firmware update this time as I’ve said is their memory swap feature that is now available.

Well what do you think? is pleased with this news? if you want to update to the Xperia series of Android Marshmallow above, you can check in Hp each for its software update, or if not, you can use the way through the OTA update with PC Companion.