Apple iPhone 7 Will be Equipped with a 256GB Internal Memory and Dual Rear Camera

WOW, the Apple iPhone 7 Will be Equipped with a 256GB Internal Memory and Dual Rear Camera – It is customary to do if approached the launch of a new smartphone, certainly a lot of rumors are popping up, well it was revealed its design, until rumors reveal about its specifications. This is certainly the main attraction, given the latest smartphone usually always eagerly awaited by the users who are curious as to what the heck form and specification that will be presented.

Apple iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7

Well, not least as the latest flagship of Apple’s soon to be released in the near future, namely the iPhone 7. Lately, rumors that discussed the latest generation iPhone will be released in 2016 have also emerged, recent rumors that emerged is that the Apple iPhone 7 will use a dual camera on the back. Regardless of whether the rumor is true or just a mere rumor, which assured if Apple provides dual cameras, it can be said that it is the first time conducted by Apple.

But now comes news of other news this time not on camera, but a matter of internal memory. As reported by WCCFtech, Saturday (21/05/2016), said that the iPhone 7 will have an internal memory of 256GB. Rumors are circulating through a Twitter account @OnLeaks, which, on the booms appears that there is a flash memory with artificial SanDisk 256GB size. For details, you can see in the image below.

Apple iPhone 7 Will be Equipped with a 256GB Internal Memory

Not only that, it seems the rumors Apple iPhone 7 will use dual rear camera sensor seems indeed true. This we can see from the picture above, in addition to the flash memory module, there is a camera module with two similar sensors on the smartphone made by Huawei P9.

Apple iPhone 7 camera

Although still a rumor, with an internal memory of 256GB sure to store a variety of data such as music files, photos or video be no problem. Moreover, the battery capacity increased to 3100 mAh reportedly, it will certainly be more fun is not it? iPhone usage time will be longer for sure.

It is becoming increasingly impatient not to wait for the next generation of the iPhone 6 this one? If earlier in the iPhone 6 course we’re treated to the stunning performance, what more with the iPhone 7 is later? We wait for official word from Apple on the smartphone iPhone 7.