Camera iPhone 7 Plus Will be Equipped With Lens Wide and Tele

Previously been reported that Apple’s latest flagship is expected to release in this year that the iPhone 7 Plus will carry dual rear camera as well. Camera iPhone 7 Plus it looks so different than previous generations of the iPhone, and it looks like the device will be the first smartphone from Apple will use dual camera on the camera back.

Well this time the latest news about the camera phone is re-surfaced again, as reported by PetaPixel, which stated that the flagship will be the next generation of the iPhone 6 is likely to be carrying two rear cameras which have different functions. That is the first camera will function as a second camera lens Wide and has a function as Tele lens.

Camera iPhone 7 Plus

he news about who will Apple make the iPhone 7 Plus camera is better than the previous generation is indeed increasingly discussed lately. Even from a few predictions from KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo revealed that successful predictions about no indication that Apple will be using two camera models in the iPhone 7. It can be seen from Apple’s acquisition of the Israeli Startup Startup they specifically develop multi camera module Smartphone.

Ming Chi Kuo also predicts that there will be two variants of the iPhone 7 Plus to be distinguished in terms of the camera, which KGI Securities analyst predicts there will be variants of the iPhone 7 Plus with a single camera and a variant of the iPhone 7 Plus dual cameras. And the most interesting here is that the iPhone’s 7 camera is equipped with an iSight camera used by the previous iPhone, so although it looks like there will be a dual camera that will come at certain variants but hopefully the image produced by the camera still with maximum results as on iPhone 6.

Specifications iPhone 7 Plus in sectors camera itself is rumored to be equally brings a resolution of 12 MP dual camera. Camera iPhone 7 Plus is the first with its Wide lens will be designed specifically to take a picture with a picture angle is greater alias Wide Angle, so you can photo object with a comprehensive picture coverage. And for the second camera iPhone 7 Plus will be designed specifically to take an object from a distance, because the camera is carrying both Tele lens.

Interesting is not it, even so, but until now the release date of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus still unclear. Although not yet clear about the date of this release, but Ming Chi Kuo also predicts that the Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus will be available in 2016. If these predictions are correct then certainly he will be a strong competitor for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Flagship Smartphone market. Very interesting indeed awaited flagship phone from Apple on this one.