Change And Eliminate Ads On Bbm Mod

Andoid Users certainly very familiar with the application of fuel, which is one of social media that connects you with friends as a communication medium. As we know that advertising in applications where the fuel often appears that it is very disturbing. How to change the ads on bbm mod you can apply if they bothered with it, even you can eliminate them. Here’s an explanation of how to change and remove the ads on bbm mod.

Change And Eliminate Ads On Bbm Mod
How First to Feature Block in BBM

How to change and delete ads in fuel mod is by using the application’s help. If you feel disturbed by the ad, the application of fuel is already preparing block feature in it. The first step you should do is to select the ad, which you want to remove. Thus, you can apply to change its advertising. However, in this blocking feature, the ad will be deleted permanently. So choose the ads that really are needed. How to replace the ads on bbm mod can be applied in this way because the ads that are not essential selected and permanently erased.

How to change the ads on bbm mod to block the process is done by pressing and holding the selected ad block until a menu appears on the screen of your android smartphone. After that, there will be two options that appear on the screen. If you want to remove, then simply select the sub menu which block this process will help you eliminate these ads. Once blocked, the ads you selected will disappear by itself and will no longer appear in the notification.

With BBM Apps MOD Official

How to change the ads on bbm mod and also eliminate the application of fuel can also use the official mod. This method is an alternative of the first way is to block features of the fuel. To apply this method, the first step you should do is uninstall all applications of fuel that is in the android you have. This step is followed by the official mod download BBM through your android smartphone. If the download is completed, the next step is to install the application which is a way to replace the ads on bbm mod.

How to replace an ad in this mod bbm continued to sign in to BBM. Writing “sign in to BBM with your BlackBerry ID” appears on the screen of your smartphone when you install an application that is already successful. There is a column of email and password that you must enter email and password where you are using in your BBM account, after charging is complete, then you can simply sign in. Then, you need to select the “extended settings”, then you select the return sub menu that suits your needs. There is a sub menu hide links if you want to remove these ads.

Description: How to replace the ad and also eliminate it in bbm mod can be done by blocking and application of fuel Official Mod.