Design Xiaomi Mi 5 Price Leaked

Is this the Xiaomi Mi 5 Design? With the Home button and the USB port Type C? – Hallo users Xiaomi? this time I will bring the latest news, of course, this is still a rumor, or we might call a rumor. Yeah right, this time I will give you a rumor that the source of fonearena website, this is the Xiaomi Mi 5. Previous rumors also been reported that the body frame or the front panel of the latest mobile phones from Xiaomi planned to be released in 2016 also had uncovered , Where from previous rumors show how to design a framework that will be carried by Xiaomi Mi 5, it appears there is an elongated oval holes on the front, on the bottom. It is known as a place physical home button that will exist in the Xiaomi phone this time. You can read previous rumors on the link below.

Xiaomi Mi 5

Xiaomi Mi 5

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Well at this time, a leaked image of the design Xiaomi Mi 5 is revealed in one website called fonearena, the picture you can see below. Seen how the design of the leaked image shows the front of the phone Xiaomi MI5. Not much different from the previous rumors, the rumors this time as well as how the front looks no physical home button elongated oval embedded in the bottom of the screen. The design is actually more akin to a smartphone made by Samsung. But the distinct advantage of a physical home button front is reportedly Xiaomi will provide excellent features such as a fingerprint sensor / fingerprint sensor that will most likely be placed on the home button.

Not only on the front of the design Xiaomi Mi 5 leaked, but the bottom is also shown, you can see the picture like the one below. Look how there is no speaker pinned by Xiaomi on a mobile superior this time. Thorough, Xiaomi give two speakers at once on Xiaomi Mi 5, looks like it Xiaomi would not underestimate again to the problem of sound, 2 speaker is expected will be able to produce a loud sound and clear, so that users will be satisfied in the way the sound is generated by Xiaomi’s latest smartphone.

From the picture above also seen how the phone will use the USB port Type C. You should know, that USB Type C will make the data transfer process will be faster compared to the usual USB port, so you can imagine the future if Xiaomi Mi-5 has been released, of course will bring some excellent features that you can enjoy.

Of information circulating outside also mentioned that the design of Xiaomi Mi 5 will use a metal material as its base material of the body. Indeed worth waiting for this one smartphone, with full metal body like Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, certainly there will be a luxurious impression on this phone.

Increasingly impatient not to release when this Mobile Phone? Then approximately how ya price of this phone will if being already released?

Well for those of you who are curious to know what the price Xiaomi Mi 5, this smartphone will reportedly be priced at USD $ 308 (Rp. 4.2 millions) for the 32GB internal memory variants combined 3GB RAM. In addition, Xiaomi also released a 64GB internal variant with 4GB of RAM that will be sold at USD $ 354 (Rp. 4.8 millions). Well the price is quite expensive, but to prove the truth of prices, specifications, and design Xiaomi Mi 5, let us together look forward to welcoming this smartphone officially.