Evercoss A7e England Advantages and Disadvantages

Evercoss A7e England emerged as part of a series A7 series products that fall into the category of lower-class smartphone. Advantages and disadvantages Evercoss A7e England became very interesting note, first smartphone made by a local vendor presents the superior features known as HotKnot.

As discussed in the specification and price Evercoss A7e England on other parts of this site, where there you can read in detail the specifications as well as the latest prices of Evercoss A7e England. Where Evercoss A7e England priced at a relatively affordable price in the range of Rp. 830,000 only. Specifications are also fairly high you get for the price range below one million rupiah.

Evercoss A7e England

Evercoss A7e England

Evercoss A7e England Advantages

  • Evercoss A7e England designed with a minimalist model without many accessories supporters are magnificent. This is certainly adjust to the price of production is not high to reach the lower classes. However, the shape of the curve on all four sides make this smartphone the level of ergonomic, comfortable in the hand.
  • Has become mandatory for Android devices at this time, as a medium of communication. Evercoss A7e England provides two GSM SIM slots that you can access by opening the cover back. With this SIM you can reach a 3G internet connection for browsing in cyberspace.
  • KitKat operating system that is injected into it, into the value of its own advantages. Through these operating systems, presented some of the features and interfaces which must be fresh when compared to Jelly Bean.
  • 4 inch screen, enough for you that do not require reading room wide and focuses on ease of mobility. With the wide screen is, of course, have an impact on the dimensions Evercoss A7e England measured 126 mm x 62.7 mm x 9.1 mm. The resulting resolution screen with IPS LCD panel of 580 x 800 pixels, enough to compete on price below Rp. 1 million.
  • Turning to the kitchen runway which uses Quad Core processor. This processor produces speeds up to 1.3 GHz with 4 cores rely performance.
  • The main camera Evercoss A7e presenting ability to capture images at 8 MP. LED lighting Flash as a tool embedded right next to the camera lens. This camera has been equipped with autofocus capability to facilitate the determination of the main objects of shooting. While at the front, Evercoss entrust a 2 MP camera for video chat and video call.
  • The main advantages offered Evercoss A7e England is a feature HotKnot. With this feature you can share photos or other files by attaching A7e Evercoss screen to another smartphone that supports HotKnot.

Evercoss A7e England Disadvantages

  • The body material is made of a material that is slippery and prone to leave scars touch of a finger. This is certainly relatively annoying, but you can mute it by wrapping it with flipcase that you can purchase separately.
  • RAM as an advocate for the performance of the processor is small. Only 512 MB only. This can lead to instability performance especially when used to run heavy applications or several applications open at once.
  • The screen is not protected by a scratch-resistant coating.
  • The battery capacity is relatively insufficient to operate the smartphone you are accustomed to intense. Only 1650 mAh power. It is better you prepare the power bank in case if you’re on a long journey.

Similarly, our review of the advantages and disadvantages Evercoss A7e England. Overall Evercoss A7e England is perfect for you who want KitKat Android smartphone with a limited budget. Resolution great camera 8 MP, is perfectly adequate to capture everyday moments. Moreover available HotKnot feature that allows you to share data. Compare with Evercoss A7Z, which with one million, has been providing cameras, screens and kitchen runway which is much better than A7e. Hopefully our review useful for you.