How To Overcome The Dead Android Total Quickly

Android is an operating system that is currently very popular and is already widely used by smartphone users. Already many smartphone companies that have brought this operating system, such as Samsung, LG, Polytron, Evercoss, Sony, HTC, ZTE, Nexian, Asus, Acer, Asia Fone, Coolpad, Huawei, Panasonic, SPC, Oppo, Meizu, as well as many more. Not only that, the smartphone newcomer like artificial country of China is also a lot of carries this android operating system.

Well, behind the popularity of this android operating system, apparently there is still something lacking, or in other words, still not perfect. This is the question many android smartphone users on how to cope with things – things that are not in want, such as damage to the android smartphone, for example only a total dead, can not go to the google play store, batteries heat up quickly, as well as other problems. Well, on this very happy occasion, we will share a bit of knowledge about how to cope with android phone is totally dead.

android operating system

If the android smartphone has a total dead, then automatically the android smartphone will not turn anymore. If this has happened, then maybe you are confused on how to cope. Well, for this you should not first brought it to the counter, you should do in a way which we’ll describe below. Let us refer it directly to how below.

Troubleshooter in Android Mobile Phone:

1. Removing Components At Such Smartphone.

If the smartphone that we have experienced the death total, the initial step as first aid is that we must let go of the components on the smartphone. Components should we lose among them is a SIM card, microSD, batteries, and other accessories. If it had been off all, then leave for more than 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, then we can put all of the components that we have separated earlier. If already installed, then please turn on your smartphone back in. If successful, then your android smartphone had been experiencing system crashes.

If the above still can not recover your smartphone, then you can use the second way in which we’ll describe below. This second way can be called by way of flashing or reset. In this way, we need a PC and flash Box. Well, let’s just see review below.

How to Reset or Android Flashing The Dead PC:

  • Connect your android smartphone with the PC using a USB cable.
  • But before we release all of the components on the smartphone as well as on the way over.
  • So, then we press the Power button, Volume Up, and Volume Down with concurrent way (until terdengan sound BEEP).
  • If not then you should take the repetition reads keystrokes back, and this time we press for 3 minutes.
  • If this option is not successful, then we have to do a flashing way.

Well, maybe it’s just that we can explain to how to cope with android smartphones are experiencing problems such as the total dead, hopefully this can be useful for us all yes. O yes do not forget to keep visiting Warm greetings from us, for so much and thank you.