Latest Smartphone Lenovo Will Using Exynos 8870 chipset

Latest Smartphone Lenovo Will Using Exynos 8870 chipset – Hello, welcome to the end of 2015, on this day is a day where everyone is preparing to welcome the new year 2016. But this does not apply to the information seekers on the latest smartphone, the turn of the year usually coupled with the new smartphone. Well this time the latest news coming from the smartphone manufacturer from China, of course you all already know, this is Lenovo.

The latest news is successful I get from GSM Arena website, which stated that the latest smartphone Lenovo in 2016 will use the chipset from Samsung, the Exynos chipset 8870. Wow, it is known that the chipset of Samsung Exynos 8870 SoC series is a high-class chipset. Moreover, the chipset is already carrying 64 Bit architecture and has many processor cores in it, well yes it would be like what would happen if it was true smartphone from Lenovo will be released in 2016 using a chipset from Samsung this?.

Helio X10

Helio X10

This information is getting stronger thanks to the words of one account named i Ice Universe, which says that in the year 2016 the latest smartphone Lenovo will use the chipset Exynos 8870, which illustrated that the chipset will be able to compete with chipset competitors that Qualcomm chipset with its flagship Snapdragon 820. Although it says the account, will the performance generated by this chipset might not be as strong as the Exynos 8890 that until now this has become chipset with the highest performance of the Chipset Samsung.

But the response to this, there is one unique thing of this information. We can know for this Lenovo always issued smartphone with Mediatek chipsets as well as Qualcomm’s Snapdragon, never use a chipset from Samsung. Surely it becomes quite strange, especially as we know that a vendor from China is no relationship whatsoever partnership together Samsung. But it is essentially legitimate if it is the latest smartphone from Lenovo is later inserted from Samsung Exynos 8870 chipset.

Surely if true what was spoken by the mysterious i Ice Universe into a single word that could be more attraction for lovers of smartphone products manufacturer Lenovo, which in addition to improving performance, also can make the prestige of Lenovo in the world of smartphone technology getting better in the previous appeal, and be able to compete better with its competitors like Samsung, Sony, and others. And if true, seems chipset from Samsung will be pinned on the latest high-end mobile phones from Lenovo, which is likely to be blended together large RAM anyway to generate maximum performance.

Noted for the latest Lenovo smartphone to be released in 2016 include the Lenovo K4 Note, which reportedly will be inserted 3GB RAM and will use the latest chipsets from Mediatek chipset which has eight processor cores and was given the nickname by the name of Helio X10. Coupled with this information, it seems that in the year 2016 was very interesting to wait.