Official Released and Available With New Features, Here’s Price Xiaomi Yi Smart Camera 2

Official Released and Available With New Features, Here’s Price Xiaomi Yi Smart Camera 2 – Not so long ago we knew that Xiaomi Yi already released the first version of the Smart Camera, namely Xiaomi yi Ants Smart Camera. Now the vendor from China is re-issued smart camera both named Xiaomi Yi Smart Camera 2. You should know that Xiaomi introduce this latest generation camera with many changes both the sector and the specifications of the latest features. Curious? Let’s see more about this below.

Before discussing more about the specifications and price of Xiaomi Yi’s Smart Camera 2, Just for information only, especially you who do not know the device’s sophisticated artificial Xiaomi. Xiaomi Yi Smart Camera is a smart CCTV cameras that can be connected to a smartphone or tablet you have, so that you as a user’s smart camera can still keep an eye on the state of the house even though the middle of traveling far though sophisticated, is not it?. Given its function is quite charming, the expected increase in interest against this Xiaomi’s latest device.

Xiaomi Yi Smart Camera 2
Ability Xiaomi Yi Smart Camera 2 times is more enhanced than before, which in previous generations only able to record HD videos. But with Yi Smart Camera 2 this time, you can record Full HD resolution video at 25 fps, so that the resulting video can be seen clearly. Apparently, the specification Xiaomi Yi Smart Camera 2 comes with Panasonic’s latest CMOS sensor that has been integrated with the latest generation S2LM Image Processor Chip.

Approximately how much Xiaomi Yi Smart Camera 2 is yes? before giving info regarding the price of the device CCTV cameras made in this Xiaomi, we discuss more about the new features that are not available on the previous generation.

As reported by, that this camera comes with a wide angle lens and an aperture of f / 2.0, which means that Yi Smart Camera 2 is able to shoot images up to 130. standpoint, Xiaomi also inserted a technology called Human Detection and alarm features, which serves to bring up a warning when the detected person has arrived in the middle space that we supervise.

It turns out the latest features are not quite up there, other features of the Xiaomi Yi Smart Camera 2 include gesture recognition, baby crying and traffic stastistics. One more thing that is interesting from a CCTV camera device Xiaomi’s latest is the availability of 24-hour free cloud storage that you can enjoy in the first year of release time. Things like this can certainly provide an alternative for users to not only spiked using external storage via microSD as that of the first generation of the Xiaomi Xiaoyi Ants Smart Camera.

Price Xiaomi Yi Smart Camera 2. Talking about the price, it seems you do not have to worry about spending money that much to be able to buy the most advanced CCTV cameras artificial Xiaomi this one. Because the price of Xiaomi Yi Smart Camera 2 is priced around $ 61, cost not to class CCTV camera devices with advanced features that are inside it?