Release Date Finally Revealed Samsung Galaxy S7 ?

Release Date Finally Revealed Samsung Galaxy S7 ? – Talking about the release date, it seems this is very interesting to be discussed, because it is the main attraction of a smartphone is eventually going to get a lot of attention or are deserted by the attention. No exception to the latest phones of Samsung are projected for release in 2016, what else if not the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Hearing the word Galaxy S7, that is in our minds about this phone is the advanced technology that is sure to be pinned by the Samsung. Because of significant changes made by Samsung’s latest smartphone this time. Among the changes that will be on the successor to the Galaxy S6 is in the design, follow the news earlier, said Galaxy S7 will be present in the form of larger compared to its predecessor. In addition, on the physical buttons besides having the function of Power, but also in that section has been pinned sensor fingerprint scanner that is claimed to have a short time when unlocking, so when used to unlock only takes a few seconds only, of course, very fast.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7

Now we get into the meat of this article, for those of you who are wondering when the heck Samsung Galaxy S7 will be released? This time will be missed. As reported by one twitter account namedEvleaks property of Evan Blass, giving the user the news budget smartphone with many already can get the latest flagsip mobile phone from Samsung is starting from March 11th, but you need to note from this is that S7 Galaxy release date mentioned in the Evans-owned twitter account is that on March 11, 2016 is the official launch for the United States alone.

It is unfortunate indeed, until now only release in the United States or US territories are new to informtion. And for those of you fans who love Samsung products with a variety of advantages is likely to be patient, because when and release date of Samsung Galaxy S7 in Indonesia is still a big question mark.

To remind how the advantages of the specifications of this phone, I will review some of the salient of the latest Samsung 2016 Hp this. Stated in recent months that the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be presented with the latest chipset from Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset series, while on the other hand, or more precisely the position of RAM, Samsung looks to equip it with the size of 4GB. So of course he certainly can produce a performance and more reliable performance, and more fresh compared to its predecessor.

Then the camera sector that could be considered that this sector is one of the leading sectors of the Samsung Galaxy S7. Although notified beyond that which the lens will be embedded in this mobile phone will use a smaller size than its predecessors, but it can be said for the ability to be great and have shots that are superior. Because in this sector has been equipped with the latest technology which is called BRITECELL. The existence of such technology was not used as mere decoration, but it has tremendous functionality, which can improve the quality of snap photos in position low-light still look up and clearly.
Samsung Galaxy S7
How have you could not wait for the release of the Samsung Galaxy S7? for those of you who now live in Indonesia, seems indeed to be patient to wait for the Galaxy S7 was officially released in Indonesia. As ever, Samsung usually released into Indonesia’s new mobile phone every few months from being carried out when the first release outside Indonesia.