Some Leaked Update Clash Royale Latest May 2016

Some Leaked Update Clash Royale Latest May 2016, Starting From Spectator Mode to Double Rewards Crown Chest – Clash Royale is somewhat a game that most preferred by many people, proved the game is in first place in the Google Play Store, instead he beat the game made Supercell more we know the first popular Clash Of Clans (COC).

Having previously been giving updates on the Clash Royale by presenting some of the latest features and also the card, ended a few days ago Supercell officially announced about Royale Clash latest update for the month of May 2016. Until now at least there will be four new features that will be present on renewal later. Anything ? let us consider this more below.

Some Leaked Update Royale Latest Clash

1. Tournament Rules

Clash Royale Turnament Rules

Supercell provides for the rules in the Tournament, as the picture shown above. Supercell limit each level the player cards will be used, ranging from King level, common level, Epic level, until the Legend level is limited. Parties fight Supercell also provides maximum limit which is only 3 minutes.

2. Live Spectator Mode

Clash Royale Mode Live Spectator

This feature was first introduced by Supercell on 6 April 2016 then. One of the most important elements are cornerstones of pulling a tournament is the number of viewers.

This makes Supercell create a new policy with immediate open access in every game in order to bring an element of competition which is better for the future.

3. Double Rewards Crown Chest

Clash Royale Double Rewards Crown Chest

In order to help the players to be able to more quickly reach the standard tournament mode, Supercell will present features that encourage gamers to level up faster by presenting a double feature rewards that apply to each prize in the Crown Chest. This feature definitely helps once for gamers who want to quickly reach the standard tournament mode.

4. Settling System Card Donation

Clash Royale System Card Donation

Not only serves to multiply the prize in the Crown Chest, Supercell also have to fix the system and Request Card Donation System which will be growing along with the increasing level of Arenas played by gamers.

For example, as in the Royal Arena, gamers can donate 6 Common Cards or 1 Rare Card and requests a 30 Common Cards or 3 Rare Cards.

Well how was impatient to wait for the update this time is not it? Patience, because the Supercell itself still did not give more details about the exact date of the update will be launched, although the latest updates Royale Clash has indeed been planned to be present at the beginning of May 2016,. Not rule out the possibility there will be some other interesting updates that will soon follow.