WOW! ‘Tablet’ Xiaomi’s Mi pad 2 Can into Robot Transformed

Like the movie transformers? if you like to watch this movie transformers surely you already familiar with the names in any character not? but this time we will not discuss the transformers movie, we will discuss about the Xiaomi and robots. Loh what Xiaomi conjunction with robot ?? nothing to do anyway, because it was reported that the Chinese company is already holding the famous toy manufacturer Hasbro named.

The results of this cooperation both produce a tablet Mi Pad 2, which could turn into a robot from the series “Transformers”. WOW right? yes it is true, but the Mi Pad 2, which could turn into a robot is not a smartphone that we usually use, but the tablet is a toy that only forms are in the design so maybe like Xiaomi Mi Pad 2.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 2

Xiaomi Mi Pad 2

These toys are touted as the series “Transformers Special Edition” released by Hasbro of the results of its cooperation with well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi this. It was designed based on the popular robot from the movie “Transformers”, ie, Soundwave is a robot army of Decepticon team.

Decepticon robot group members can later be transformed into Mi Pad 2. In robot form, the toy is equipped with weapons and protective shields.

As reported on the second page, saying that the tablet Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 is just a toy and can not be used like a smartphone in general. The device itself has the same size details by Mi Pad 2 in fact, it can be seen from a thickness of only 8.5 mm.

Later, Xiaomi tablet toys that can turn into a robot or “Transformers Special Edition” can be obtained at a price of 169 yuan. It is not known whether he will go to Indonesia or not.

Interested in owning a tablet toy Transformers?

For those of you who are curious about how this tablet could turn into a robot transformers, please watch the video provided below.